Informative Report


January, 2024

It good to see all residents under the one roof.
This has made it much easier for residents & staff.
The Henty Wing has now opened.
Also the decks are now opened & furnished it is lovely to see residents sitting out enjoying the sunshine and freash air.
Also a Gazebo has been ordered which will be in the front garden, this should be done by the 1st week in March. Many thanks goes to the fund raising committee for providing the funds for this.

The facility had no COVID infections residents or staff over the month of January.

We have had 2 residents transfer form respite to permanent we welcome Lorna Mackie & Lorraine East.
Also we welcome Faye Morrow who is new permanent admission for the Month of January.
Also we welcome 2 respite residents John Zipple and John East hope you enjoy your stay with us.

The facility has recruited staff in all areas, we have 1 RN, 1 EN, 9 PCW’s, 4 in catering and environmental and 2 in maintenance.
Some of the new staff are being sponsored through the Visa system.
We welcome all of these new staff onboard and hope they enjoy working at Edgarley.

Please if any NOK, family’s or residents have any concerns please come and speak with us.

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