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Letter to Families 30 March 2022

April 04, 2022 | General News, News For Relatives

Staff at Edgarley:

Over the recent months, several staff have resigned due to personal reasons or looking for new work opportunities.

We have actively been recruiting for new staff for all departments. If you know of anyone who is looking for work we have job opportunities available. Please ask them to contact Edgarley.

I am happy to announce that when our DON goes on leave we have secured a new facility Manager: Glen Symes . Glen has had a history of working in the management of Retirement Villages and Home Care Packages.



Since January Edgarley has had several staff who contracted CoVid and then in late February early March we had to lockdown as we had both a resident and a staff member contract the virus. Due to the hard work and lockdown procedures we implemented we were able to contain this successfully.

We understand that CoVid restrictions have severely impacted on our residents and their families but the decisions regarding visitation and lockdowns has in fact successfully up to this point kept all of our residents safe and relatively unharmed by CoVid.

Easing of restrictions as per the directions that came out on Friday 25th March 2022:

Who can visit: One person per day per resident (if the NOK can advise other family/friends of these changes)

Visitation: Monday to Friday 2:30-4:30 pm     Weekends – permission by management prior to visit this is based on staffing requirements to monitor entry.

RAT testing: Visitors can collect self- test (saliva test) from Edgarley Reception prior to visits and testing is required to be conducted prior to entry – please bring the test with you and show staff on entry then discard in yellow bin provided. (You may collect more than one test to last you over the week).

Residents are still able to leave the facility on any day, with prior arrangement made.

Variations to these changes may occur if there is a new outbreak at Edgarley.


Edgarley welcomes any and all feedback, if you wish to discuss any issue then please contact us at Edgarley.

The process for Feedback is that you raise the feedback first with the staff at Edgarley to allow us the opportunity to respond. Then if we do not respond in an appropriate manner or time frame there are external services/persons that you can contact such as the Edgarley Board or the Aged Care Commission Complaints.


Susan Wray