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COVID-19 Update from Edgarley CEO Sue Wray

January 04, 2022 | General News, News For Relatives, News from CEO

Dear Community Members,

Unfortunately, due to the escalating COVID-19 situation in Casterton and across the whole region and beyond we have had to make some changes to planned activities and visitation protocols.

From tomorrow, our residents will no longer be able to welcome face-to-face visitors. This will be in place for two weeks and will be reviewed at the end of that period.

It is imperative that we remove as much risk as possible for the welfare of our residents and I trust family and community members will understand why this decision has been made today.

The current situation also means that our planned Open Day on January 15 cannot occur as planned. We were looking forward to welcoming community members into our new state-of-the-art building for guided tours, but this planned event has been assessed internally and the decision has been made to instead provide a virtual tour.

We will be producing extensive videos of the new building, the new residents’ rooms, common areas, administration spaces, kitchens and associated amenities towards the end of the month so that you can all see for yourselves how wonderful the new building is.

Please note we have introduced an internal protocol here at Edgarley that now sees all our staff undertake weekly Rapid Antigen Tests. This is one of the many procedures we are committed to protect our residents, staff and the wider community from this pandemic.

Please look after yourself and each other.

Sue Wray
Chief Executive Officer
Edgarley Assisted Living