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Changes to Visitation at Edgarley 27 June 2022

June 28, 2022 | General News, News For Relatives

Hi To All Family Members and NOK’s,

Please find the following information regarding changes to the visitation at Edgarley Assisted Living.

There will no longer be a limit on visitor numbers to Edgarley Assisted Living.

The following still applies for entry requirements.

  • All visitors must have a negative result from a COVID -19 rapid antigen test taken on the same day as you attend the facility. This can be attended before you arrive at the facility or when you arrive. Those attending to test prior to visitation please bring test strip results for sighting by staff.
  • All visitors are still required to wear masks while present at the facility.
  • Visitors are still required to check in through zip line in the front office at the new building for visitation for all wings.
  • Exemptions: This can only be allowed if the person is visiting for an end-of-life visit. Or a person providing urgent support for a resident’s immediate physical, cognitive or emotional wellbeing where it is not practicable for the person to take a Rapid Antigen Test prior to entering the facility.

Family members/NOK are welcome to pick up Rapid Antigen Tests from the front office so you can test prior to visiting. If you are aware of people outside family members/NOK wanting to visit, please inform them of the process.

Visiting times have been put in place due to changes that have occurred from COVID-19 and checking-in requirements the facility can no longer be open for visiting arrivals at any hour as it was pre-COVID. This can be reviewed when the government changes the rules regarding Rapid Antigen Testing.

Visiting Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10.30 am to 5 pm (Check-In at any time)

Saturday & Sundays: Check-in times is between 11am to 11.30 am & 1pm to 1.30pm.

Once you have checked in you are able to stay as long as you wish.

Thanks for all of your understanding over this period I know it has been difficult for all concerned. Hopefully, we will see some normality in the near future.

Many Thanks

Trish McKenzie CI