Bequests & donations

Donating to Edgarley Assisted Living

It is a common misconception that only “well to do people” leave money to a charity or organisation when they die.

In reality, bequests are made by people from all walks of life who share the common goal of wanting to leave a positive mark on their community after departing this earth.

No matter what value of the donation, it is a simple fact that without this generosity of spirit many charities, including Edgarley Assisted Living, would not exist or would struggle to provide all the services, equipment and expertise they require to operate.

Australians are a generous community and approximately 70% of Australians support charities with a yearly donation. However, only 7.5% of Australians make provisions for a donation in their will.

Leaving instructions for a donation in your will is an effective method to contribute to the viability and success of an organisation.

Edgarley Assisted Living operates on a not-for-profit basis and aims to provide the best quality care and lifestyle for its residents.

Leaving a donation in your will or in lieu of flowers is a voluntary goodwill gesture some residents of Edgarley have chosen to do which assists Edgarley in continuing to provide high quality services to residents.

Leaving a donation in
your Will

The decision to leave a donation in your Will is your own personal decision and is absolutely not requested of residents by Edgarley.

Edgarley does request this decision be made after consultation with your family and/or representative to ensure it is a decision you a comfortable with, one you personally wish to make, and one which does not cause family conflict.

On making this decision, you may have a specific donation amount in mind, or you may consider ‘in lieu of flowers’ to be part of funeral arrangements.

While not required, specific donation amounts may be discussed with the Chief Executive Officer or Director of Nursing.

Once this decision has been made such a bequest is a simple line in your Will that gives a donation to Edgarley.

In lieu of flowers

‘In lieu of flowers’ is a request made of mourners to donate to Edgarley instead of purchasing flowers at your funeral service. To assist with this, pre-prepared enveloped for this are available and are placed at the service for attendees.

If this is a donation option you would like to consider, please discuss this with your family and/or advocate and then the Director of Nursing or CEO at Edgarley to ensure your wishes are know.

Edgarley Assisted Living is incredibly appreciative of any donation a resident makes. Donations allow Edgarley to continue to provide better services and equipment for the residents in our care.

Once this decision has been made by you, the individual, please discuss this matter with your family and/or representative. Such a donation is a simple line in your Will that gives a donation to Edgarley.