The decision to move into aged care is not easy and Edgarley Assisted Living strives to help make this decision and the process as easy as possible, while providing care that respects our resident’s independence, dignity and individuality.

As an aged care facility, our role is to provide for the region’s elderly citizens who, for various reasons, have found it difficult to remain in their home and require assistance with their daily care needs.

Edgarley provides aged care, palliative care and dementia care, together with on-site care and support for independent residents.

As an organisation Edgarley is committed to providing person-centred care to meet the individual choices, preferences and health needs of our residents. Person centred care promotes a positive interaction between the carer and the resident and ensures the resident is actively involved in their care which supports their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Incoming residents are encouraged to visit and tour Edgarley Assisted Living when preparing to make their decision about moving into aged care.

Who is Edgarley Assisted Living?

Established in 1955, Edgarley Assisted Living provides high quality care for its aged care and independent living unit residents with fully qualified and caring staff.

This care is provided in Edgarley’s Jackson Street’s care facility and 23 independent living units and continues Edgarley’s pursuit of being a quality, community-based, not-for-profit, regionally-based provider in Casterton in Western Victoria.

Edgarley’s commitment to quality care and the Casterton community will soon take the form of a state-of-the-art, modern and purpose-built aged care building. This new, $14 million building redevelopment will complement the existing high-quality care currently provided to Edgarley’s residents. Construction of the build is due to be completed in late 2019.

Edgarley Assisted Living prides itself on providing high quality care in a regional area in our community-based living areas.

Edgarley prides itself on being part of the Casterton community and encourages its residents to be part of our community through activities and events.

The day-to-day operations of Edgarley are managed by its Chief Executive Officer, while the business is overseen by a Board of Directors, drawn from the local community and with resident representatives.

At Edgarley, we pride ourselves on the high quality staff employed to provide care and services to our residents, including registered and enrolled nurses, a qualified chef and dietitian, personal care workers and a team of catering and maintenance staff committed to the health and wellbeing of each and every one of our residents.

Starting the process

Information regarding moving into aged care can be found on the Federal Government website

To assist people making the decision to move into aged care at Edgarley, we have produced an information document which aims to clarify many of the 'frequently asked questions' when it comes to moving into care.

The Incoming Resident Handbook is a broad document which outlines Edgarley's approach to care and the types of care it can provide, information about the day-to-day activities and operations of Edgarley and what residents need to know about and bring (or not bring) when coming to living at Edgarley.

This information booklet also provides information regarding the cost of entering care. The cost of care at Edgarley varies greatly between residents and is determined by many and varied factors which can be confusing and overwhelming. At any time, current and prospective residents of Edgarley, and their family, are encouraged to seek clarification on these costs and charges with Edgarley Chief Executive Officer, Steven Toope.

You can find information about fees and charges associated with care services at Edgarley HERE

To download the information booklet, click on the link:  Incoming Resident information booklet_2018.pdf


Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS):

The first step to move into an aged care facility is to have an ACAS undertaken. These assessments are conducted by an independent body and assess a person to determine their care needs. They are assessed through an interview process and areas covered through a series of questions include any limitations, assistance, current medical diagnosis, living environment, cognitive and psychological behaviours, nutrition, mobility and a range of other factors. The assessments involve a one on one meeting with a potential resident and it is highly recommended if the resident could be supported through this process by having a family representative.

All permanent residential care approvals will always remain valid.

For a person to access Commonwealth funded residential care or residential respite care they must first be assessed as eligible by an ACAS. To contact ACAS, telephone 035561 9300.

Edgarley gives an undertaking, endorsed by the Edgarley Home Inc Board of Management, that no person requiring our services will be denied entry based on their financial position. We are a community based organisation that exists to serve the community and we take this base guiding principle to heart. If you require care contact Edgarley and we can discuss and reach an agreement that is suitable for all parties.

Edgarley Assisted Living has an established set of fees stipulating the cost of care for residents. While these fees have been set, information from individual assessments from ACAS, Centrelink and the Department of Veterans Affairs (if applicable) and an individual's own circumstances. As part of the process of becoming a resident of Edgarley, these fees can be discussed and negotiated with the CEO. Information on the fees and costs associated with care can be found HERE


DISCLAIMER: This information is to act as a guide only. It is not to be relied upon in making of any decision by any person. The information provided is based on current advice from the Department of Social Services. The contents of the information may change from time to time and it is up to the individual to make themselves available of up to date information.

Before any person decides to move into aged care, they should seek their own independent advice.

Steven Toope

Information correct as of September 2018